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The Scientific and Technical Conference on Logistics Systems - Theory and Practice is one of the two main departmental conferences alongside the Transport XXI Century conference. This year marks the XIII edition of the LSTP conference.

This year's conference will be particularly dedicated to issues of security in transportation and logistics systems, with the motto "Security of Critical Infrastructure and Logistics Systems." This topic is particularly significant in light of current challenges associated with new threats to critical infrastructure and their impact on the operation of logistics systems. Faced with growing cyber threats, climate change, as well as new investments and other factors, the conference provides a platform for discussing new strategies for countering threats and adapting logistics to changing conditions. Current global events only underscore the need for collaboration and innovation in these areas. We hope that the LSTP 2024 Conference will allow us to summarize this area of research and look at the entire field of transportation and logistics through the lens of security this year.

In 2024, the conference will take place in Warsaw at the Mercure hotel.

Conference History

Dates and locations of previous conferences:

2005 Warsaw

2006 Warsaw

2008 Spała

2009 Rawa Mazowiecka

2011 Waplewo

2012 Korytnica

2014 Lidzbark Warmiński

2015 Warsaw

2017 Jachranka

2018 Warsaw

2020 Warsaw (Online conference)

2023 Józefów near Warsaw

LSTP Conference in numbers:

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