Registration Form

Applications for the conference should be made via the form available at the address: 

Registration for the XIII Internatrional Scientific and Technical Conference LSTP (

Accommodation reservations must be made individually following the instructions in the form below in the files section.

If you are unable to use the form, please send your application by e-mail to the following e-mail address:


The title should include: "Application for the LSTP 2024 conference"

The following information should be provided in the e-mail:

1. First Name*

2. Last Name*

3. Title/academic degree*

4. Affiliation (name of university/department/company)*

5. Contact phone*

6. Email*

7. Invoice details (First and last name; name of the institution; Address; other numbers and data needed)*

8. Selection of the conference fee:*

- 320 EUR

- 275 EUR for doctoral students


10. Signed information processing clause and GDPR **

11. Title of the presentation(s) *

12. Abstract(s) *


* required infoirmation

** the clause should be printed, signed and attached to an email

[RODO (EN) LSTP 2024]

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Reservation form

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